excess flare gas into VALUE

Bringing you a viable solution that reduces routine flaring and drives sustainability at the same time.

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our mission

How we use surplus gas
to run data centers

Using surplus gas to power datacenters on site reduces total emissions resulting from routine flaring. Lean burn gas generators utilize gas more efficiently, helping oil & gas producers to cut their carbon footprint by as much as 60%.

Generated power is used by the Enerhash DATABOX - a mobile, state-of-the-art data center built on the steel structure of a standard marine container equipped with security access control.

Viable framework for cooperation built on a win-win scenario

Developing a technological, legal and economic framework has been key to ensure scalability of our business model. We created a solution that provides a steady demand for flare gas to power data centers performing advanced computing such as crypto mining or science calculations, thus helping oil and gas wells eliminate flaring and achieve emission reduction goals.

Key benefits


Reduction in total emissions

Lean burn gas generators contribute towards environmental protection since they work at a much higher efficiency and excess gas is burnt in a much more controlled environment.
By utilizing excess gas to run data centers, we help oil producers cut back on methane, CO, CO2e, VOC, NOx significantly.


Answer to tightening regulations

To achieve global commitments such as Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 of the World Bank, environmental regulations keep tightening both on the national and local level. As more and more global players commit to cutting back on emissions, the pressure on all oil producers grows.

The Enerhash DATACENTER offers a viable solution to meet environmental guidelines for all market players regardless of scale and emission rates.


High scalability

The power consumption of our data centers can scale up to multiple megawatts. Built on the structure of a standard 20-foot marine container, a single DATABOX takes up 270 square feet and provides 0,41 MW capacity.

Since our DATABOXes require no special infrastructure, they can be shipped and set up at remote locations, as well.